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TechTeleData Products

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* Uncapped Business ADSL
* Fixed IP ADSL
* Bonded ADSL
* Failover ADSL
* Astaro Firewall
* Durban Metro Connect
* Diginet
* Mail Marshall
* MIG Firewall, Proxy and Mailserver
* Multi VPN
* Online Backup
* Server Hosting
* Virtual Hosting
* Wholesale Voice Minutes
* Wholesale Hosted Exchange
* Co-location
* Data Center Access Link Services
* Virtual Private Cloud
* Hardware-as-a-Service
* Ethernet International Private Line
* 30-100Mbps fibre internet access
* Content Delivery
* Private Networking
* Managed Storage
* VSAT (4Mbps in 24 month contracts with data caps ranging from 500MB to 10GB per month)

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