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                Intelligent manufacturing has become the core of China's manufacturing industry

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                 "Manufacturing is the main battlefield of innovation, is to maintain the national competitiveness and innovation and vitality of the source.Manufacturing industry development of digital, network, intelligent trend is obvious, and intelligent is its outstanding features." 11, by the Chinese Academy of Engineering And other organizers of the 2016 intelligent manufacturing international conference, the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology Minister Miao said.

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                 Miao Wei pointed out that with the new generation of information and communication technology and advanced manufacturing technology in-depth integration of the global rise of intelligent manufacturing as the representative of a new round of industrial change. From the mode of production, as the highest form of manufacturing + the Internet, intelligent manufacturing has become the core of manufacturing transformation; from the development model, green, service has become a new trend of manufacturing development; from the innovative approach, Innovation will reconstruct the traditional manufacturing innovation system.

                 Former vice chairman of the Standing Committee of the National People's Congress Lu Yongxiang said that intelligent manufacturing is the pillar of the real economy, high-quality employment and livelihood protection basis, science and technology and industrial innovation of the main battlefield, from the supply side to adapt and create new market demand, The key to the value of the global economy is to support the new growth and civilization of the powerful engine. He believes that the current, industrial civilization has evolved into the knowledge network civilization, is the formation of digital, network, green, personalized, custom, focus on user experience and value creation of network intelligence to create civilization. The green low-carbon, network intelligence, integration innovation, create sharing is becoming a global network of intelligent manufacturing services new features. "Network intelligent manufacturing is not the market share of zero and competition, but to create new value for the user, the new demand, to create green intelligence, cooperation and win-win, sustained prosperity of the new economy, the new civilization." Lu Yongxiang said.

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                 At the meeting, China Engineering Science and Technology Knowledge Center dual-generation platform on-line officially released, will rely on China Engineering Science and Technology Knowledge Center has a field of engineering science and technology public welfare, open-style data resources, large data and Internet technology as a means for China's small Micro-enterprises and founders to provide engineering and technology knowledge services.


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