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                Welcome to Shandong Yasheng Heavy Industry Co., Ltd. Official Website!

                Shandong Yasheng Heavy Industry Co., Ltd. was founded in 1990, is a scientific research. Development, manufacturing in one of the special machinery and large-scale...



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                Innovation, the courage to open up - to lead the replacement of machine parts

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                 By the company technical center Liu Guoqing, production center Li Baoyou design and development of the five-axis CNC grinding machine won the national invention patents. Five-axis CNC grinding machine is a can be installed in the planing, milling, grinding machine tools on the cross-column above the column, such as grinding the cylindrical periphery can be installed at both ends of the machine table bearing power, the other end of the shaft center, Can be achieved relative to the machine table length, beam height, two columns within the minimum range of peripheral grinding; such as the five-axis CNC grinding machine installed on the machine beam above, can be equal to the length of the workstations, wide size Workpiece to achieve five surface grinding.


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