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                中文版| English

                Welcome to Shandong Yasheng Heavy Industry Co., Ltd. Official Website!

                Shandong Yasheng Heavy Industry Co., Ltd. was founded in 1990, is a scientific research. Development, manufacturing in one of the special machinery and large-scale...



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                    Shandong Yasheng Heavy Industry Co., Ltd. is located in Gaoyi City, Shandong Province, Yi'an Road, No. 4399, 60 km east of Qingdao, 50 km west of Weifang, south of Jiqing Railway 2 km north of Qingyin high-speed 5 km, convenient transportation, Location is very advantageous.

                Companies registered capital of 125 million yuan, net assets of 640 million yuan, 300,000 square meters of production plant, modern industrial plant 128,000 square meters. With car, grinding, planing, milling, boring, electrical welding, pliers, physical and chemical experiments, and other general, special CNC processing equipment more than 400 sets of Taiwan.

                Since the creation of the company since 1990 is dedicated to the special machinery, general machine tools, new technology, new materials, new technology for industrial development direction, adhering to the "re-      science and technology, Shou credibility, a brand name, and development" for enterprise development policy, Cooperation, and win-win "for the enterprise to promote culture, focus on scientific and technological innovation and high-tech applications, has access to channel molding machinery, heavy CNC machine tools, national strategic new materials: stainless steel composite panels, Equipment production line of national invention patents and related patents more than 60 items. To become: "Ninth Five-Year" national key scientific and technological achievements to promote the completion of the project unit, technical support units, the Ministry of Water Resources LZY anti-seepage channel molding machinery production and export base, Shandong Province Star Enterprise, Shandong Province, mechanical engineering technology research and development center, Shandong Province Trademark, state-level high-tech enterprises, in 2000 and strictly enforce the ISO9001: 2000 quality management system certification.

                Company leading industry:

                   ★ LZY series of channel molding machine industry: its leading technology, stable performance for the provinces, municipalities and autonomous regions and Vietnam, Bangladesh and other Southeast Asian countries to provide more than 15,000 sets of units, praised by Chinese and foreign customers, is China's comprehensive agricultural development, Construction, land and resources transformation of the preferred technology, equipment.

                   ★ equipment manufacturing industry: BXM20 series gantry planer, milling, grinding multi-function machine tools, BXM10 series cantilever planer, milling, grinding multi-function machine, XT20 series gantry milling, boring machine, XK series of heavy-duty CNC boring and milling machine, TK69 series floor boring and milling machine , CK52 series of CNC double-column vertical lathe, with its scientific design, reasonable structure, high precision machine by the industry well received.

                   ★ national strategic new materials "stainless steel composite panels and special equipment production line": the company to the technology and equipment development, manufacturing capacity and the central enterprises Anshan joint venture in Anshan set up an annual output of 100,000 tons "Anshan Iron and Steel special materials limited liability Company "(Yasheng company holding 66%), specializing in the production of stainless steel and carbon steel hot-rolled composite panels.

                   ★ national strategic new materials "stainless steel composite pipe and its special equipment production line": the composite board as raw materials in Anshan investment and construction of an annual output of 100,000 tons "Anshan Yasheng Special Steel Co., Ltd.", specializing in the production for a century of environmental protection, safety Oil, chemical, natural gas, municipal underground corridor: direct drinking water, heat, sewage stainless steel composite pipe, in 2016 by Shandong Province included in the high-end equipment manufacturing industry.

                    Solid high-tech industry is to connect the interests of enterprises and capital markets community, is the development of cooperation and win-win development platform, Yasheng Heavy Industries invite people from all walks of life to win cooperation.

                Copyright ©Copyright (C) Shandong Yasheng Heavy Industry Co., Ltd. All rights reserved. 2002-2018 ICP: 08000463;

                Address: Gaomi City, Shandong Province, Yi'an Road, Middle Road, No. 4399 (Gaomi City, high-speed intersection 5 km south of the road east)

                National free hotline: 400-050-9488 (machine)   400-649-6388 (water machinery)   Fax: 0536-2334888

                Technical support: enterprise network

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