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                中文版| English

                Welcome to Shandong Yasheng Heavy Industry Co., Ltd. Official Website!

                Shandong Yasheng Heavy Industry Co., Ltd. was founded in 1990, is a scientific research. Development, manufacturing in one of the special machinery and large-scale...



                 Shandong Yasheng Heavy Industry Co., Ltd. was founded in 1991, located in Gaomi City, Shandong Province, North Industrial Park, Yi'an Road, 4399, 60 km east of Qingdao, 50 km west of Weifang, south of Jiqing Railway 2 km north Green silver high-speed 5 km, convenient transportation, geographical location is extremely advantageous.

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                Enterprise Strength


                Yasheng Heavy Industries focus on scientific and technological innovation and high-tech applications, has access to channel molding machinery, heavy CNC machine tools, national strategic new materials: stainless steel composite panels, tubes and equipment production line of national invention patents and related patents more than 60 items. To become: "Ninth Five-Year" national key scientific and technological achievements to promote the completion of the project ...


                One,Provide technical services within the scope of the contract, including training, installation guidance, commissioning and trial production optimization during the performance of the contract;

                Second, during the warranty period due to the design of the equipment itself, manufacturing defects caused by various failures, our company promised to free technical service or repair or replacement.

                Third, during the warranty...


                Corporate policy: respect for the value point of view above all else

                Business goals: people-oriented, respect for science, advocating innovation so that the company has become a platform for the achievements of the product so that customers become the preferred choice for customers to become the eternal trust

                Corporate philosophy: cherish the cooperation Thanksgiving assistance to encourage innovation inclusive failure.

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                • After-sales Service
                • Company Culture

                Copyright ©Copyright (C) Shandong Yasheng Heavy Industry Co., Ltd. All rights reserved. 2002-2018 ICP: 08000463;

                Address: Gaomi City, Shandong Province, Yi'an Road, Middle Road, No. 4399 (Gaomi City, high-speed intersection 5 km south of the road east)

                National free hotline: 400-050-9488 (machine)   400-649-6388 (water machinery)   Fax: 0536-2334888

                Technical support: enterprise network

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